Single: Coffee (F***ing) by Miguel (ft. Wale) vs Coffee by Miguel

I've been intrigued by Miguel ever since he collaborated with Mariah Carey on "#Beautiful."  That song is the best single Carey has released in the 2010s thanks, in many ways, to Miguel. His sexy tenor adds both class and sensuality to the tune, much like it does on his most recent single, "Coffee."

"Coffee" is an interesting tune because it is the latest example of rewriting an explicit track in hopes of increasing radio play. The explicit original interchanges the words phrases "fucking in the morning" and "coffee in the morning," while the clean version only uses the latter. The explicit track also features a Wale rapped verse that references Fifty Shades of Grey and "morning wood." Though I like the way the rap breaks up the explicit version, Wale's clumsy lines negate some of the atmosphere Miguel's vocal produces.

Still, I prefer the explicit version. Wale's rap is a barrier to an otherwise excellent tune, but the rap-free clean version feels too soft. This song is about sex and how the main character and his partner have some "gun play" both in the evening and when they wake up the next morning. It's about love and infatuation, which is confused by only using the "coffee in the morning" hook. Given the energy of the tune, it's more fitting for the characters to get it on before they hit the local Starbucks.

If you need a SFW track, the clean version captures most of what's good about Miguel's performance, but the explicit version is a more satisfying experience.

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