Single Review (90s Style): Who Will Save Your Soul by Jewel

I've been living in the 90s for the past few weeks, watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, reading Stephen King's The Girl Who Love Tom Gordon, and, of course, listening to lots of 90s music. With that trend going, let's talk about the Jewel tune, "Who Will Save Your Soul." This was the first Jewel song I ever loved (not to mention her first single) and I would argue that it is her best track from the period. Structured as a simple list song about social injustice from a liberal point of view, it is the kind of thing that was big in the 90s. However, the song does not feel tiresome because Jewel performs with quirky sass. Radio was so diverse in the 90s because public taste fostered an interest in people's rough edges. Jewel sounds unusual on "Who Will Save Your Soul," and the song is better for it.

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