Editing Music, Autumn, and Enya

I've been prepping my upcoming children's mystery book (more news on that soon!) and while I proof the book, I have enjoyed background noise. Some of this background noise has been Halloween films, and some of it music. Almost on cue with my editing needs, Enya released, "Echoes in Rain," her first piece of new music in seven years. Say what you will about the New Age superstar, she knows how to make catchy but comforting tunes. Her ability to craft soothing melodies made her 2000 album, A Day Without Rain, into a blockbuster. "Echoes of Rain" finds Enya back to doing what she does best and using familiar tropes (yup--rain again!). If this new single is any indicator, her forthcoming Dark Sky Island may work as a sort-of sequel to A Day Without Rain. That is a good thing, especially as autumn weather settles over the country.

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