Single Review: Hello by Adele

I was planning on writing about my new children's book this morning, but, as a music blogger, the release of a new Adele song takes precedence. Adele's "Hello" is the lead single from her forthcoming 25, and if you wanted the superstar to release a melodramatic ballad with a big chorus, your wishes have come true. Adele has come to represent classic pop diva taste, preferring darker tones and mid-tempo numbers; "Hello" fits that niche, though it does reveal an evolution for the star. The use of echo on the chorus (which she also used on "Skyfall") coupled with a choir of background singers and a soft drum machine lends an ethereal and melancholic quality not all that removed from Justin Bieber's "What Do You Mean." In fact, the song feels more modern than its predecessors, and it's easy to hear how Sia's "Alive" was written in the same album sessions. If this track tells us anything about the new album (out next month), it's that it will feature the same old Adele, who has experienced some modest but important artistic growth.

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