Two Divas Come Back: Sia and JoJo

The past week has marked the return of two pop powerhouses: Sia and JoJo.  Both have been quiet for very different periods of time. Sia has laid low only a few months, prepping the release of her forthcoming album ,This is Acting. On the other hand, JoJo has been largely silent for a decade. It's great to hear both back at the pop game.

JoJo's new song may be the most revealing because it shows how she has vocally matured while away from the music industry. Her first hit in 2004, "Leave (Get Out)," proved she was a sharp interpreter of material, despite her age. This new single, "When Love Hurts," shows the smoky tones in JoJo's adult voice. Though the song is too repetitive, her performance adds depth to the track, making the most of the permeating chorus.

Sia's "Alive" is also flawed, but works because of her delivery. Originally written with Adele as possible track for the UK star's forthcoming album, the tune is an interesting intersection of the singers' talents. Both pop stars favor melodrama, though its understandable why this is a better fit for Sia. In order to make the chorus get off the ground, it requires tremendous over-singing. Sia shreds her vocals, but pushing herself to the breaking point insures her voice pulls the song forward rather than the drum machines.

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