Locations That Inspired Ms Avocado Solves a Mystery

While my new kids' book, Ms. Avocado Solves a Mystery, is set in a fictional town, the cozy energy of a few settings inspired me. Place has always been a big part of writing for me, and I enjoy that reading and writing allow me to step out of my location into some other part of the world.

I wrote Ms. Avocado Solves a Mystery in a variety of locations over a year and a half, including Omaha, Nebraska; Ithaca, New York; Nunda, New York; Lake Placid, New York; and New York City. However, of those locations, Nunda and Lake Placid come to mind most when I think of the book (though I did the least writing in those locations). Perhaps because I spent my childhood upstate or because I spent time in these locations in autumn (also the season in the book), they helped me think about the cozy autumnal energy of Ms. Avocado's Noon Town.

Writing this book also helped me realize how important it is for writers to travel. A change of scenery can be extremely important by helping the writer step outside of his or her normal patterns. It is not a coincidence that I worked on this book in earnest after backpacking through Europe for two months. Though travel is not essential to write, it was a catalyst for this project.

This is a lovely lodge I stayed at in Lake Placid, New York. It was late October,
and this cozy setting overlooking the lake was a great place to write.

I grew up in Nunda, New York, and it is where my creative heart still lives.
Upstate New York in autumn and winter continues to inspire me.

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