Happy 70th Birthday to Cher

I am a big Cher fan and I always enjoy the opportunity to celebrate her music. For her brithday this year, I want to say a little about "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," which was her iconic contribution to cult camp film, Burlesque.  Though the movie was meant to be a showcase for Christina Aguilera, Cher's performance grounds the enjoyable (albeit clumsy) project by providing a natural, charismatic performance and this song--a ballad about perseverance. The perennial pop-culture survivor has made a career of rebirth songs and empowerment anthems. This instant classic equals some of her best work because Cher performs the tune with gusto and conviction, and because Diane Warren's sturdy melody coupled with Cher's vocal makes it prime material for remixes. Even when Burlesque  floundered with critics and was only a modest box office success, Cher still emerged as a hero because of this tune.

Happy birthday to the ultimate diva!

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