Single Review: I Love You Always Forever by Betty Who

I'm a big fan of Donna Lewis, who found success in the 90s with intimate, sweet dance pop. Lewis is best known for her mega-hit, "I Love You Always Forever," a song that still springs warm feelings in listeners who remember when it played on the radio. Despite the song's sharp pop structure, ear-worm chorus, and excellent bridge, it has not been a frequent cover choice for other pop stars--that is, until Betty Who released her version yesterday.

Who is no stranger to throwback sounds, and she treats Lewis' hit with respect, while also adding modern touches. First, Who introduces more aggressive drum machines, emphasizing the tune's dance backbone. She also adds electronic vocals to the background, allowing them to highlight the sonic palette. This crisp, clean production creates a strong setting for the pop star's performance. Who and Lewis have similar vocal sensibilities (though they have slightly different approaches to tone and phrasing), so Who is a good fit for the tune. (In fact, I noted Who's vocal similarities to Lewis when I reviewed her Slow Dancing EP a few years ago.)

Though we did not need a new version, Betty Who does a pristine job reintroducing listeners to Donna Lewis' masterpiece. Play both back to back, sing along, and tell someone you love them.

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