Good News, Summer Poems, and Kelly Clarkson

Dear reader: I have exciting news. My new poetry collection, Men and Music, will be released this year by Coyote Creek Books. I'm very excited to partner with the press and bring these poems--work that has spanned my 20s--out into the world. Stay tuned for more news on this front, and I will have updates about the collection as I work with the press.

I'm also happy to share two new poems, which were published in the recent LGBTQ issue of The Black Napkin. Both poems are wistful--part sadness, hope, and nostalgia.

And that brings me to Kelly Clarkson's 2016 dance record, Piece by Piece Remixed. The album is composed of a stripped down version of "Piece by Piece" (which broke into the top 10 on the Hot 100), eight remixed versions of tracks from her 2015 studio record, and a live recording of "Tightrope." Remixed is a superior album to its mother record because it's less flabby, more carefully produced, and more fun. Like every good diva, Clarkson revels in melodrama, and this album plays with those out-sized emotions while correcting her previous album's wrongs. The acoustic "Piece by Piece" feels personal than the original--just as it should--and the live track shows Clarkson's husky voice still has a multitude of shades and textures. Yet, the record's best tunes are remixes: the bro-pop EDM take on "Heartbeat Song," the 80s dance-pop inspired "Nostalgic," and the glitchy reworking of the Sia co-penned "Invincible" are my favorites. Even if her original recordings did not pique your interest, check out Piece by Piece Remixed and dance your way through August.

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