Men and Music Cover Reveal

I am very excited to reveal a mock-up of the cover for my forthcoming poetry collection, Men and Music. I've been working closely with my editor/designer at Coyote Creek Books, Jan McCutcheon, and her work is brilliant. She's been very open to my vision for the book, as well as made spot-on suggestions for how to make it the best product possible. Working with her has been a pleasure, and I feel super grateful for the experience.

On a related note: what is about a cover that makes a book feel real? Up to this point, the book has felt like a manuscript, but the cover marks its transition towards a fully realized work. It's an exciting metamorphosis.

I am not sure the exact date the book will be available. It looks like we have a couple more weeks of fine-tuning, but Men and Music should be up for purchase as a print and ebook on Amazon in the near future. As always, stay tuned for more detail. My next post about the collection should be the announcement of its publication!

Thank you for checking in, dear reader. It's great to have your company on this journey. See you again soon!

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