Men and Music Updates Plus Other News

It's been an exciting few weeks for Men and Music. I worked on the book manuscript for almost eight years, and it's thrilling to see the collection appear in places all over the country. People are buying it and saying kind things, which is encouraging. Earlier in the week I tweeted that it made the Amazon Best Sellers in Best Gay and Lesbian Poetry List (appearing at no. 97), and it was awesome to see it climb up to spot 78 by the weekend. What a cool achievement; I am very grateful! Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy. If you've read Men and Music, I hope you will consider rating the book on Amazon too (or write a review on Amazon or Goodreads).

In other literary news: my new essay about Kim Addonizio's latest books appeared at Lambda Literary. Also, my internet neighbor, Collin Kelley, is publishing a bunch of new poems in a series of posts called the New Poetry Project. It's good stuff, and I hope you check it out. (The first poem is here.)

Happy Sunday, dear reader. I wish you a wonderful week ahead.

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