Old School Autumn and Halloween Movies

As autumn settles into New York, I've been thinking a lot about my childhood and how my engagement with media (especially movies) has changed over my lifetime. (In fact, I wrote a poem on this topic a few months ago.) While I have no moral opposition to streaming and how the internet has opened up access to media, I also feel overwhelmed by the glut of digital options.

Like many people, when I settle down to watch something, I spend a large amount of time scrolling through Netflix or Hulu in search of the right movie. It takes me a long time to choose something (if I pick anything at all) and the experience is not always as satisfying or serendipitous as channel surfing or visiting a video store. It's a privilege to be able to get whatever you want whenever you want, but abundance is not always a blessing. 

So, I have decided to abandon streaming for the autumn and focus on physical media. My boyfriend is taking our Roku with him while he works out of town, and I plan to spend time with our DVDs and network television in real time. We've amassed a healthy film collection that I often neglect in favor of what's on the digital services.

I've also re-enrolled in Netflix DVD, which I hope will give me access to some more obscure films I want to watch but are not available to stream. I like the idea of DVDs being doled out two at a time, rationing my viewing. 

As a voracious reader, movie viewer, and music fan, I think more and more about how I consume art and culture. The more I consume, the more I realize that I enjoy my media portioned rather than displayed on a buffet. When I can focus on one piece at a time, I better enjoy its individual tastes and textures. 

For curious readers, here is my Halloween-centric DVD queue:

What are you planning to watch this month, dear reader?

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