The Best Horror Film Reviewers on the Net

I'm grateful we live in an age when smart people can use technology to share their thoughts on art. Podcasting and video reviews have been an especially excellent outlet for film and television critics because they allow for expansive discussions. As we are knee-deep in Halloween festivities, I am recommending my favorite horror film review programs.

Horror Movie Podcast
Last month, I tweeted that Horror Movie Podcast is the best horror cast around, and I am going to endorse them again here. (Thanks to Josh for reading my tweet on the show too; that was really cool!) HMP specializes in long-form discussions, and their episodes can sprawl upwards of three hours. This show works so well because the hosts have an inviting and friendly chemistry. I am always interested to hear what Josh, Jay, and Dave have to say about new movies and classics. They are kind, smart, and fair. I enjoy spending time with them every two weeks.

Now Playing
I am a new Now Playing listener. Though they cover more than just horror films, Now Playing discusses a lot of scary movies and has a special focus on Stephen King adaptations. The hosts have also explored the Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween franchises (to name just a few). This show can get raucous and it's a lot of fun.

Good Bad Flicks
This Youtube show hooked me with an excellent in-depth exploration of Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows. In fact, the Good Bad Flicks Exploring series provides the kind of in-depth and carefully written film reviews that are hard to find on Youtube. It's a smart show, and creator Cecil Trachenburg is a great guide through new releases and forgotten gems.

Fanboy Flicks
I've been a big fan of Fanboy Flicks for a few years because Mark's Bad Movies series is the perfect mix of comedy and smart film chatter. It's also clear he loves movies. Though Fanboy Flick's Bad Movies focuses a range of genres, there is a heavy concentration of horror films. Definitely check them out. Here are some of my favorites:

Happy listening and watching, dear reader!

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