My 2016 in Books

This year has rewarded me as both a reader and a writer. First, I have been incredibly lucky to find an audience for my poetry collection, Men and Music, which was published in August. The collection hit the Amazon Best Gay and Lesbian Poetry Bestsellers list, and friends and neighbors have said kind things. Thank you to everyone for their support!

As a reader, my year has been defined by essay and poetry collections by two writers. Mary Oliver released an excellent selected essays volume, Upstream, which I found engrossing and comforting. However, Oliver's poetry collection, Felicity, and Kim Addonizio's essay collection Bukowski in a Sundress loom the largest in my mind. I wrote extensively about both, and the links for those essays are below. Addonzio also released an excellent poetry collection, which I discuss in my review as well.

It's been a challenging year, and books have been a great comfort facing 2016's political and social turmoil. 

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