Stellar 2017 Singles: Lorde, Kygo, and the Chainsmokers

While we face political and social stress, 2017 has provided the comfort of great art. This year is a renaissance for the pop single, as musicians like Kygo, Lorde, and the Chainsmokers are invigorating the Hot 100.

Lorde's "Green Light" is 2017's masterpiece thus far, perfectly marrying alternative music and dance pop. I was not a fan of Lorde's first record, but this single has captured my interest. The singer/ songwriter reminds me of the energetic 90s alternative female artists (namely Fiona Apple and Alanis Morissette), and I think 2017 will be her year.

Kygo's collaboration with Selena Gomez, "It Ain't Me," also works as a dance pop wonder, playing with hipster malaise to delicious effect. It's inspiring counter-programming to the soggy ballads that diluted 2016 radio.

Last is another collab: the Chainsmokers' track with Coldplay, "Something Just Like This." While it's another variation on the duo's formula, Coldplay brings their own style to the tune and refreshes the sound. I know some pop fans are suffering "Closer" fatigue, but the Chainsmokers are having their pop moment--a moment that will likely where out over the next year. However, it's worth celebrating their accomplishments as "Something" and their equally sharp tune, "Paris," are defining the Top 10.

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