Celebrate Pride 2018 Mix

Happy Pride Month, dear reader! To celebrate this joyful time of year, I have curated a mix to carry us through the month. Pride is about celebrating both the past and present, so I have few old favorites mixed with 2018 tracks.

I want to note three new songs I've not mentioned on the blog before: 1) "All Things" by Betty Who is not only the superior version of the Queer Eye theme, but it's an awesome way to kick off June; "Dancing" (Anton Powers Edit) by Kylie Minogue perfectly captures the diva's recent country dance  era, and the tune is essential because Minogue will headline NYC Pride this year; 3) "High Hopes" by Panic! at the Disco is one of band's best feel good anthems, and singer Brendon Urie always brings something queer to his music--an aesthetic reinforced by his work as an ally for the community.

I hope these tunes of celebration and hope keep you dancing through June! I send you love and happiness.

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