Men and Music

IMen and Music, Isaiah Vianese explores love, loss, rediscovered hope, and the music that plays in the background. These narrative and lyric poems about romance, sex, and the search for happiness tell us that in the face of despair there can be joy, and after heartbreak comes rebirth. Men and Music helps us see  "this is how we live our lives—separate pieces tossed together, not always planned, but beautiful."

Praise for Men and Music:

Isaiah Vianese's love of pop music gives his work a steady, rhythmical beat. And like any good pop song, these poems hook you with their clear-eyed stories of love, loss, displacement and unexpected joy. 

--CollinKelley, author of Render and Better To Travel

Isaiah Vianese’s carefully crafted lyric poems celebrate queer life and love, not just in dark corners of night clubs, where kisses “taste like peach margaritas,” but also in bright kitchens where “dishes pile in the sink and the plants thirst for water.”  All the while, Men and Music pays homage to the soundtrack in the background, songs that carry us from Nebraska to New York, and even to our hands and knees, where we offer ourselves to the labor of our lives.

--CaitlinMcDonnell, author of Looking for Small Animals

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